What are committees?
The Committees are how members can have a great impact on this association, we love having parties, workshops, and events but we need help organizing those things. That is where you can help us, we have the funding if you have the ideas! 



💃🏽 Event-organizing
💃🏽 Brainstorming
💃🏽 Meet lots of people!


💃🏽 Organize workshops
💃🏽 Brainstorming ideas
💃🏽 Meet lots of people!


💃🏽 Maintaining social media
💃🏽 Design posts and print
💃🏽 Communicate with our members
💃🏽 Work with the other committees


💃🏽 Design and choose new merch
💃🏽 Keep track of current merch
💃🏽 Work with the other committees

Showcase & INKOM

💃🏽 Plan the end of the year showcase
💃🏽 Organize next year’s INKOM