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The pricing per membership type is as follows – a semester membership is 35 euros, for a full year it costs 60 euros. Do keep in mind that when you decide to become a member of M.S.D.V. Let’s Dance!, you have to get an accompanying UM Sports membership ( of the “Semester” or “Year” membership types), in order to complete your enrolment as member. This can only be a “sports” (UM Sports gym access excluded) or an “all-in-one” membership (UM Sports gym access included), the “gym” membership does not suffice! Also make sure to tick the box “I am part of a Student Sports Association – Lets’ Dance!”, so that you are registered properly in both our and UM Sports’ system respectively. 

See the instructions below to see a tutorial how to link your Let’s Dance! account to your UM Sports account!

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